Spring and summer, with their warm temperatures, are great for relaxing outside in the fresh air and sunlight. All you really need is some chairs or even a blanket on the ground, but if you’d like to enhance your backyard experience, a deck is a great place to start.


Designing your Backyard Deck


A deck can be designed individually to suit your needs and desires, and be as simple or as complex as you want, from a multi-level deck with carved railings and a complex wood pattern, to a simple rectangular platform. A good way to decide what you want your deck to look like is to browse photos in a magazine or online and just see what you like and what would work for your family. Your deck can be strictly functional, or decorative in whatever style you like. Remember to add railings if the deck surface is more than a few inches above the ground!


Building a Backyard Deck


Typically, a deck is made of wood. The most popular material choice is the common two-by-four. These are available in different species of wood, if you’re interested in special options like that. The deck is a simple construction: a skeleton frame underneath, topped with flat boards to create the surface. If the deck is raised up off the ground, the frame will need to be supported from underneath. For safety, it may be best to have at least the supportive structure made professionally, to ensure that it is secure.


After the support structure (if needed) and frame are built and in place, it’s time to lay the surface. You can choose to screw these boards down in a pattern, such as diagonal lines, if you prefer. Remember to leave space between the boards. This allows the boards room to swell in damp weather, as well as allowing dirt to fall through, reducing the need to clean the deck.


Maintaining Your New Deck


It is a good idea to seal your wooden deck. Commercial water sealing products are commonly available and very effective at protecting your deck from the elements. This is an especially important step to take if your deck is near a pool or if you frequently experience damp or humid weather, to prevent rotting and crumbling. Additionally, you can also stain the wood, if you want the look of a luxurious wood like cherry or mahogany without the expense.


Maintenance on a wooden deck is relatively simple. You will need to renew the sealant every so often, but other than that all you need to do is sweep it clean!


A beautiful wooden deck is a fantastic addition to your backyard, a perfect complement for barbeques, poolside parties, or just relaxing with your family.

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