Let us help you focus on combining the design, permit, and construction schedules in order to streamline the traditional Custom Home environment.

Wood Haven Construction offers a unique home building management program to help design and build your custom homes. After being in the new home construction business for over 26 years one thing became apparent, homeowners want to build their own dream home, but at the builder’s cost. The average customer today is astute, knowledgeable and informed and wants to be an integral part of building their custom home, from ground-level to move-in. Under this unique management program, customers pay Wood Haven a fixed nominal monthly fee to build their custom home on their property at builder’s costs. This saves the homeowner valuable dollars and gives them the ability to spend what’s necessary for their own specific needs.

The homeowner will maintain control of costs and, at the same time, benefit from the vast experience and knowledge of the builder. The customer also benefits from Wood Haven’s established relationship and good rapport with many experienced subcontractors, trades and vendors throughout the Houston area, as well as knowledge of the latest concepts and innovations in the building industry. Since introducing this unique Management Program several years ago, Wood Haven has built many custom homes within various custom home subdivisions throughout the Houston area. We take pride in the fact that we devote a great deal of time with our customers, getting to know their specific wants and needs, and incorporating them into beautiful custom built home designs.

Our custom home building process is a method of project delivery in which the owner contracts directly with a single entity that is responsible for both design and construction services for a construction project. As a design-build entity, Wood Haven Construction assumes full responsibility for the project while working with the owner as a partner, thus assuring clear communication to maximize results and avoid potential problems.

Our management program for building a new home has revolutionized the way that consumers, architects, designers and contractors work together to accomplish a common goal. While the approach is not completely new, it has become very popular to most customers because it eliminates many of the common problems and frustrations associated with the new construction process. This type of approach to home building and remodeling offers the contractor, architect and designer the opportunity to work together as a team. The custom home building process usually begins with a single concept or an idea. An initial meeting is set up to determine the scope and feasibility of the project. From this the contract is drafted and the design phase begins. It’s only a matter of time before we help you design and build your custom home. Contact us today to get started!

Management Program Advantages:

  • One point of contact from project conception to completion.
  • Minimizes cost over runs and unexpected expenditures.
  • Ensures client building plans are executed with maximum precision and consistency.
  • Avoids costly errors.
  • Saves time.
  • Minimizes client stress.
  • Maximizes client creative involvement.
  • Eliminates finger pointing between subcontractors.

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