Replacing Your Windows at the Right Time


Selecting the correct replacement windows for your home can be an intimidating adventure. Where do you begin? With the vast array of replacement windows available in the Houston market, choosing a proper replacement requires guidance from a professional.

But, how do you even know WHEN you need to replace your windows?

In our opinion, you should consider replacing your existing windows when:

  • You notice drafts in cold weather, or feel that your home is uncomfortably warm from outside heat penetrating through your windows.
  • Your heating and cooling bills both seem abnormally high, and continue to increase!
  • Your windows feel “loose” when you open and close them, creating concern over security.
  • Your windows are faded, and therefore make your home look dingy or dirty.
  • You have cracked panes in your windows, or any of the existing hardware needs to be replaced.
  • You have exceptional difficulty closing your windows completely.
  • Window maintenance – caulking, putty, painting – continues to rise in frequency.
  • You’re looking to increase “curb appeal” and sell your home.


Even just one of those points are a good reason to consider replacing your windows. New windows can help cut your energy bill by a substantial amount, especially when you buy Energy Star energy-efficient windows.

If you find that it’s time for you to replace your windows, we have some tips and advice to share with you as well:

TIP 1: Educate yourself. The best way to feel comfortable with your decisions is to learn everything you can about your investment.

TIP 2: Replacement windows come in a variety of styles, designs, and colors. This is the perfect opportunity to not only make your home more energy-efficient, but to also make some cosmetic changes as well.

TIP 3: Look for ENERGY STAR qualified windows. This qualification means you are buying replacement windows that can help cut your energy costs when it comes to heating and cooling your home.

TIP 4: Don’t be afraid to ask for advice. While many people are afraid of being “sold” on windows they don’t need, Wood Haven Construction will ensure that you only get what you need and want to have the best for your home.

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